P+L Systems has evolved…

It’s been another exciting year of change for P+L Systems, with many new developments, particularly in the last few months. 

The company celebrated a landmark 30 year anniversary this year and has changed beyond recognition through this time, starting as a small family business and growing into an international company, investing in delivering leading products and services across a growing portfolio of brands.

P+L Systems recently announced that their business has joined together with French, Belgian and Dutch brands Edialux, Luxan and Denka, creating an even more international group with manufacturing or distribution facilities in 10 countries around the world. 

To mark the significant transformation of the business, the Group has decided to re-brand the company ‘Pelsis’. The new look includes a fresh logo, but retains the recognisable red and grey colours long associated with the Group. 

In addition to the newly acquired brands, the Pelsis Group includes the SX Environmental, Insect-O-Cutor, Network and Synergetic professional pest brands. 

To find out more about Pelsis or any of the Group’s brands please call 0800 988 5359 or email info@pelsis.com. 

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