New Green Protect Pot Plant Insect Trap

Green Protect are proud to announce the launch of the Pot Plant Insect Traps, which attracts insect with colour wavelengths to improve catch rates! 

The Green Protect Pot Plant Insect Traps have been innovatively designed based on research proving that a number of insects are attracted to specific colour wavelengths as they stimulate the insect responses. The yellow tone has been found to be especially attractive to Aphids, Whitefly, Fungus Gnats and Miner Flies, therefore the trap has been designed to target this behaviour.

The traps can be used across the home including greenhouses and conservatories and the use of high-tech non-drying adhesive means that insects are caught quickly. Each trap is effective for up to 6 weeks and the pack contains 10 traps, and provides the perfect eco-friendly, insecticide free solution to keep your home pest free!

To become a Green Protect customer or learn more about other new Green Protect products please email or alternatively call + 44 (0) 800 988 5359

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